Apps to Help with Slopes in AutoCAD


Accurately specifying grades, elevations, and slopes in AutoCAD is crucial. But did you know there are apps in the Autodesk App Store that can help with that? Here are two designed especially for slopes.

Slope Direction Pattern Pro

Benovi Engineering offers Slope Direction Pattern Pro to create direction patterns for steep slopes. Its features include:

  • Attaching slop pattern lines to the top slope line and re-creating every time when one of the line’s (top or bottom) geometry changes
  • Changing the slope pattern parameters on previously generated patterns
  • Changing the color of the pattern dynamically

Slope Direction Pattern Pro is .99 cents per month or $6.99 per year and is available for download here.

Slope Direction Pattern Pro AutoCAD


The aptly named Slope app from developer BearDyugin helps with drawing slopes on topographic and master plans. The free, 30-day trial is available here or a $5 purchase here.

Check out the entire series for more indispensable AutoCAD apps available on the Autodesk App Store.

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