Apps to Count Blocks in AutoCAD

Count blocks in AutoCAD

To find all the block references in an AutoCAD drawing, you can always use the Express Tools command BCOUNT to generate a list of blocks. The Autodesk App Store also features apps to help quickly count blocks in AutoCAD.

Count Blocks 2019

Specifically designed and supported for AutoCAD 2019, WJK CAD Solutions’ CountBlocks2019 provides a flexible solution.

Count Blocks WJK CAD app

“This app counts blocks, including dynamic anonymous blocks, inserted in the drawing and copies the data to the clipboard,” the developer writes. “You can count blocks in the entire drawing, the current space/layout or in the selected objects. This app includes the block’s description (if available within the Block Definition). Once the data is copied to the clipboard it can be pasted back into the drawing as MText or into external applications such as Excel. This block’s data can be used to do a Material Take Off (MTO) or to simply start building a Bill of Materials (BOM).”

The app is $4.99 and can be found here.


Massimo Cicognani’s comsCountIt! provides another option for grouping and counting blocks.

Count It AutoCAD App

“This plug-in allow you to search multiple drawings for blocks or texts, grouping and counting them based on their attributes, and report the results in a grid that can be sorted and rearranged,” he writes. “When you are satisfied with your selection you can both insert a table on a drawing or export the results as an XLS workbook, even without Microsoft Excel installed.”

Available for free and compatible with Architecture, Electrical, Mechanical, and MEP specializedtoolsets, it can be downloaded here.

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