You Might Have Access to the AutoCAD Mobile App and Not Even Know It


Did you know that the AutoCAD mobile app streamlines your workflows, increases your efficiency, and enables you to work on the go? Maybe so, but did you know it’s included when you subscribe to AutoCAD 2019 and AutoCAD LT 2019?

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Accessing the AutoCAD Mobile App as a Subscriber

If you are a subscriber to AutoCAD 2019 and AutoCAD LT 2019, you can use your existing Autodesk credentials to access the app and extend your workflows today.

Get started by downloading the app here, going to the app store, or by visiting the AutoCAD mobile site. Once signed in, use the “SavetoWeb&Mobile” and “OpenFromWeb&Mobile” capabilities together to go from drafting on your desktop to drafting on your mobile device, and vice versa. The first time you use these commands, you will have to install our “Save to Web & Mobile” extension. After the extension is loaded, you’re all set!

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Once you’re up and running, you can take measurements on site, annotate CAD drawings during client meetings, create new drawings, and more. Check out these quicktips to get the most out of the AutoCAD mobile app.

Don’t have AutoCAD 2019 or AutoCAD LT 2019? Not to worry! You can still download and subscribe to the AutoCAD mobile app to draft, annotate, edit, and measure from virtually any mobile device.

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Visit the AutoCAD mobile app page to learn more. And, if you are attending AutodeskUniversityLasVegas2018, remember to check out the AutoCAD mobile app classes!

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