The 2016 AUGI Salary Survey Results Are In

AUGI Salary Survey 2016: Pay by Field

Each year, the Autodesk User Group International (AUGI) asks its members to weigh in on the state of the job market for their salary survey. The results include information on average salaries by field, education level, gender, level of experience, and job title, among others. It even discusses workload level and job mobility and security. We think it’s a fantastic resource for those looking to make a move in their careers, and for those who just want to get some benchmarks.

What is AUGI?

AUGI is the organization officially recognized by Autodesk (AutoCAD’s developer) “as representing the Autodesk user community.” Formed originally as the North American Autodesk User Group (NAAUG) in 1990, AUGI puts out a lot of terrific information about how to use Autodesk products and, most importantly, serves as the unified voice of the Autodesk user community. Though their objectives are all Autodesk-focused and Autodesk participates as a sponsor, AUGI is an independent organization.

The 2016 AUGI Salary Survey Results

Here’s a peek at some of the results of the survey:

 2016 AUGI Salary Survey Results: Pay by Field 2016 AUGI Salary Survey Results: Pay by Job Title

Find more information here, and for an even fuller breakdown we encourage you to check out AUGI’s magazine.

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