Autodesk Revit 2024.2 is Now Available

The Factory The Factory November 8, 2023

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Image rendered in and courtesy of Twinmotion. Keep reading for more on the latest for Twinmotion for Revit.

What’s New in Revit 2024.2?

Better navigation within a new Revit Home is now in Tech Preview, along with interoperability and performance improvements for STEP Import and for IFC files, a packed release with Dynamo 2.19 for Revit, and tighter integration between Revit and Twinmotion are all highlights of this latest release.

You will also find dark theme for schedules and improved automatic color conversion, making for a more complete and consistent Revit experience, and making it easier on your eyes and attention.

Here are three highlights:

1) More performance and support for open workflows.

Revit now supports the import of STEP files, no workarounds required! We’re happy to announce that with Revit 2024.2 you can now import or link .stp into Revit, making it easier to share and aggregate 3D CAD model data into your BIM models. We’ve also improved performance for IFC files with multi-threaded processing in 2024.2, and certification for IFC4.3 is now on the roadmap for release.

For more on how Revit supports openBIM workflows, check out this article for recent milestones and the road ahead for IFC. And to see how we’re using the Autodesk Cloud to move toward a file-less future, keep scrolling to check out the latest updates for Autodesk Data Exchanges, including a new Beta release for Power BI to the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

2) Search and you will find with Dynamo for Revit 2.19.

Dynamo version 2.19 (2.19.3, to be exact) in Revit 2024.2 brings significant improvements to node and package search. This release enhances the search functionality, providing more relevant and expected results, and tolerating typos. These improvements save time by reducing the effort required by computational designers to locate specific nodes and packages. In addition to the improved search, Dynamo 2.19 introduces features like enhanced package node identification, improved Python editor experience, better documentation for chart nodes, drag and drop note pinning, and more.

For a deep dive on the new search capability in Dynamo 2.19, refer to this post in the Dynamo Forum.  

3. Single Sign-On (SSO) to Twinmotion for Revit from your Autodesk Account.

First, you got Twinmotion with your Revit subscription. Then, with Revit 2024 and Twinmotion 2023, auto-synch tightened the workflow between 3D modeling and photoreal visualization, so you could quickly and easily bring your ideas and inspiration to life through a desktop-to-cloud data connection. Now, Revit and Twinmotion are even better together with SSO. Use your Autodesk ID to access the immersive power of Twinmotion, no other login necessary. Available for Revit 2024.2 and Twinmotion 2023.2.

You can see all the 2024.2 release highlights in the Revit Product Help. While you’re at it, catchup on all the new features added in Revit and Revit LT with versions 2024 and 2024.1, including: improvements to site modeling, model coordination with Autodesk Docs, enhancements for rebar modeling and documentation, and upgrades for electrical and structural analysis, and much, much more.

And last but not least: we hope you’ll join Autodesk University 2023! There are many, many Revit courses in the catalog again this year, from top minds in industry covering topics in AI, BIM, CAD, data, and cloud. Time is running out to join in person — but remember: the AU Digital Pass is free!

Happy Revit-ing,

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Create more balanced buildings with solar energy analysis in Autodesk Forma

There is a new capability in Autodesk Forma, now available in the AEC Collection and as a free 30 day trial: solar energy analysis.

This feature allows architects and engineers to optimize building designs for maximum energy efficiency and sustainability.

By simulating the sun’s path and analyzing the impact of shading on a building, Forma supports informed decisions about solar panel placement, window positioning, and more. With Forma’s solar energy analysis, early-stage design decisions related to building orientation and placement can help architects and developers target and meet requirements for environmentally friendly buildings that harness the power of the sun.

Read more about solar energy analysis here and check out the video below to see the capability in action.

“Forma gives the team an initial vocabulary about sustainable design, and the ability to run the first fact-finding analysis themselves provides them a good starting point to develop their sustainability strategy.”

Caoimhe Loftus
Architect and Associate
Architecture and Urbanism at Arcadis | Read Arcadis’s story


Twinmotion 2023.2
is now available

Let the light in with Lumen in Twinmotion

Animation courtesy of Twinmotion

The release of Twinmotion 2023.2 is packed with exciting new features and enhancements, especially for architects.

One of the standout additions is Lumen, Unreal Engine 5’s dynamic global illumination and reflections system. Lumen brings unprecedented realism to real-time applications, allowing lighting to adapt dynamically to changes in the environment.

Other highlights include:

Discover all the new features and enhancements in Twinmotion 2023.2 by reading the full release article here.


Power BI

Autodesk Data Connector to Power BI now in Public Beta

Autodesk has announced the Beta release of the Autodesk Data Connector for Power BI, which allows users to create dashboards based on design data and keep them updated throughout a project’s lifecycle.

The connector is supported by Autodesk’s data platform and the Autodesk Construction Cloud, allowing you to bring model properties and data from various design software into Power BI. Collaborate on models within your project teams, share dashboards, and speed up your understanding of how your designs, projects, and teams are stacking up.

The connector is available through an early access program, and Autodesk plans to expand its functionality in future releases. You can provide feedback and check the Public Roadmap for updates.

More for Autodesk Docs and the Autodesk Construction Cloud:

Aerial photograph of a city with roads and highways under construction

AEC Roadmaps

Roadmap Updates
November 2023

Looking for what’s next in Autodesk AEC Technology? We’re committed to providing transparency for what is in our development pipeline.

Check out the new Autodesk AEC Public Roadmaps, now more interactive than ever, and give your feedback to the product team about new features and capabilities in development.

Bookmark it for easy reference and subscribe to the AEC Tech Drop to never miss an update.

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