BIM Fundamentals: 8 site and landscape design videos

David Smolker David Smolker July 18, 2023

1 min read

Looking for how-to perspectives across the wide world of BIM? We have a list! Others you like? Please add them in the comments.

What is a Toposolid? (2 mins)

Revit 2024 introduced Toposolids as part of a revamp of the Site Tools palette. Now you can model landscape and site conditions as 3D solid geometry, either by sketching or importing CAD or geodata directly into Revit. Here, Autodesk’s Jeff Hanson provides a two minute overview of creating a Toposolid.

Cut and fill with Toposolid? (2 mins)

Understanding Toposolids: A Deep Dive (30 mins)

Model terrain and footprint conditions with depth, data, and detail in Revit Toposolids. All the way from Serbia, the Balkan Architect provides a detailed 30 minutes on the basics of Toposolids. Thank you Balkan Architect, for the permission to share.

Vegetation Tools in Twinmotion (20 mins)

Our friends at Twinmotion have updated the UI and the scenes have only gotten richer since we announced our partnership with Epic Games at AU2022 in New Orleans. See the realism Twinmotion can bring for vegetation and planting design.

AND ICYMI: Twinmotion is now available with all Revit subscriptions.

Autodesk Forma in 5

Forma is too new to be a “BIM Fundamental,” but it is easy to learn, and it is flexible for modeling context. All without a download required and available now in the AEC Collection.
In FORMA IN 5, Sam McCalister shares a popular conceptual design workflow. A pinch of Sketchup Factory, a dash of 3DS Max, with Forma providing the geo-specific context for placing a glossily smooth Sydney Opera House into a 3D site plan.

Try Forma today!

Site analysis in Autodesk Forma

See Forma’s analysis capabilities in action with this feature demonstration. Also check out
Forma’s rapid wind analysis offers instant insights into wind conditions – Autodesk Forma
Microclimate analysis allows for intuitive insights into perceived temperature – Autodesk Forma

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