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David Smolker David Smolker December 4, 2022

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We’ve got two things to share with you today that could make your work in Revit easier: Parameters Service is released from Tech Preview & Parameters API is now in Beta. Win-win, right?

Parameters Service stores your project parameter data in the cloud and integrates into Revit to give you a single source of truth for your firm design standards. In our last post introducing Parameter Service, we announced it was available as Technology Preview. After some polishing and performance validation, we’re excited to release fully into production, with Parameters Service now fully supported in Revit 2023.1 for customers using the AEC Collection and the Autodesk Construction Cloud. Here’s why we think that’s important.

Easing the BIM Manager’s Burden

Searching for master parameter lists. Manually updating parameter files. Normalizing incompatible, inconsistent, and incomplete data across disparate lists, all the while ensuring design teams adhere to project standards — such is the challenge to the BIM manager. If these data wrangling tasks are left unattended, inconsistent parameters can put teams out of synch, projects off track, schedules at risk, and degrade the quality of design deliverables. What if there were a better, less fragmented, more structured way of maintaining complete parameter data that design and project management teams can trust?

Parameters Service ships with a simple goal: help address the “BIM Manager’s burden”, by providing tools to standardize and codify every parameter across every project at every stage of project development. Parameters Service is that single Source of Truth for the core data currencies your designs are built on.  Which is a lot of words to say, it helps remove errors, and reduces time spent data wrangling.

But even perfect parameter data is worthless if it can’t be accessed and used, and the cloud provides access to your data, anytime, anywhere. Because it is hosted in the cloud, your entire design team can have access to the parameters directly where they work when they need it,  without having to hunt on a local server to find the pesky *txt file and verifying it is the latest, greatest, and most complete. Currently, it’s available for projects hosted on North American servers, with multi-region support on the roadmap.

So go ahead, give it a try, and check the video below to see it in action:

Parameter Service API now in Beta

The other big news is that the beta release of the Parameters API is coming soon, so stay tuned. The Parameters API looks to allows you to integrate your standards directly into your workflows where you need it. Parametrically defined data is no longer limited to Revit.  Third-party AEC software and services providers will be able to integrate Parameter Service into their offerings — closing the loop on functionality critical to every AEC project on the books. (If you are chomping at the bit to integrate today, the team wants to hear from you. Drop us a note at parameters.api.beta@autodesk.com and we’d love to chat).

The Road Ahead

Were only starting our journey.  Using and collaborating through a “common data currency” is one key in unlocking the future of the AEC industry. So keep an eye out for future Parameter Service announcements, we’ve got lots of ideas on the boards.

Buts it’s not just our ideas, we want your thoughts to help us prioritize the next capabilities to release. Check out our roadmap and share your views, lets us know what is Critical, Important, or Nice-to-have for your design work.

Autodesk Product Roadmap for Parameter Service.

Interested in learning more, check out the help at Revit Parameter Service. You can also watch the on-demand keynote session from Autodesk University 2022. For up to date announcements keep an eye on the Autodesk Building Solutions YouTube channel for more details coming soon.

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