Mechanical Contractor Virtual Demo Series

Casey Chaisson Casey Chaisson August 27, 2021

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The Mechanical Contractor Virtual Demo Series is our newest series showcasing the latest Autodesk tools for moving smartly and efficiently from design through construction, and maximizing data for insights and informed decision making.

Our expert speaker lineup guides you through Revit MEP and Autodesk Construction Cloud software and introduces digital twins with the Autodesk Tandem cloud-based digital twin technology platform.

We also look at design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA), why it’s so important for the future of the industry, and what opportunities it brings for you. Learn how you can partner with Autodesk for better insights, more efficient collaboration, and a smarter approach.

Explore the following episodes embedded below:

Episode 1: Connecting design to construction with Revit MEP

In this episode:

Autodesk’s Scott Buchanan, subject matter expert for MEP, dives into Revit MEP software and how it enables smarter connections between design and construction. Scott demonstrates the tools that help you move from a basic 2D design to an advanced 3D model that you can ultimately use for fabrication, all while ensuring the data is accurate and consistent throughout the process.

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About the speaker:

Scott Buchanan, Subject Matter Expert—MEP, Autodesk
Scott brings experience with projects in all phases from concept to design, fabrication, construction, and operations while implementing Autodesk’s MEP technology across North America.

Episode 2: Introduction to Autodesk Construction Cloud 

In this episode:

Joe Fields, Autodesk Construction Cloud deployment specialist, guides you through an overview of Construction Cloud software and demonstrates its three marquee tools: BIM Collaborate, Autodesk Takeoff, and Autodesk Build. Built with technologies to support workflows spanning design, planning, building, and operating, Autodesk Construction Cloud connects data at every phase of construction. This video shows you why Autodesk Construction Cloud is vital for firms looking for maximum connectivity and efficiency.

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About the speaker:

Joe Fields, Deployment Specialist, Autodesk Construction Cloud
Joe helps contractors, engineers, and architects deploy Autodesk cloud-based technology so they can communicate better and always have the latest documentation at their fingertips, whether they’re in the office or at the job site.

Episode 3: Digital twins for smarter operations

In this episode:

This video introduces Autodesk Tandem cloud-based digital twin technology. Tim Kelly, senior product manager for Autodesk Tandem, makes the case for owners and operators using digital twins by highlighting Autodesk Tandem software’s three key value points: digital handovers that accelerate operational readiness, smarter operations that increase efficiency, and greater insight to built assets. The video closes with a demonstration of what it’s like to use Autodesk Tandem on an actual project.

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About the speaker:

Tim Kelly, Senior Product Manager, Autodesk Tandem
Tim applies his experience implementing BIM (Building Information Modeling) and design technology within the construction industry to his current mission: to transform the built asset lifecycle with digital twin technology and solutions.

Episode 4: What is DfMA and why should I care?

In this episode:

This final video spotlights design for manufacture and assembly’s (DfMA) move from niche to mainstream and how it’s enabling the industrialization of construction. Autodesk’s Steve Butler and Josh Lobel talk about how the industry has evolved from off-site prefabrication to multitrade modular assembly, then to multitrade volumetric assemblies, and, finally, to the design-led process that is DfMA. The video brings to life the key benefits of adopting DfMA—it’s not just about cost savings—and how you can maximize the opportunity to become a DfMA leader.

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About the speakers:

Steve Butler, Senior Industry Strategy Manager—MEP Design and Fabrication, Autodesk
Steve maximizes his varied career working for consultants, contractors, and manufacturers in MEP design and engineering to set the vision and strategy for Autodesk’s MEP design technology.

Josh Lobel, Sales Development Executive, Autodesk
With broad experience in construction and deep knowledge of digital transformation, Josh helps demystify concepts related to computational (generative) design, industrialized construction, and digital twins.

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