Introducing Project Explorer in Civil 3D

Bobby del Rosario Bobby del Rosario August 16, 2020

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Reduce design time and better manage project complexities.

With the release of Autodesk Civil 3D 2021.1 on August 17th, 2020, we are pleased to announce the availability of Project Explorer, an all-in-one hub for managing the staggering volume of design data in Civil 3D models. This new extension to Civil 3D provides users with a significantly simpler way to gain a better understanding of their design and to more efficiently control the distribution of geometric information to project stakeholders.

I’ve only used it once and that was to obtain incremental northings, eastings, and elevations off of surface profiles that are offset from the control alignment, but it’s already saved me at least a couple hours of work. As soon as I opened Project Explorer, there was the information I needed. I can’t wait to see what else it can do.

Jennifer Miedema, CET, Technologist-Bridges, WSP, Canada

Project Explorer in Civil 3D transforms how users navigate, visualize, and interact with infrastructure design models in Civil 3D.

With Project Explorer, users can:

Check out this video to get an overview of Project Explorer.

As you can see, Project Explorer capabilities include powerful report and table generation, enhanced editing and design review tools, and much more.

I have been wanting something like this for a long time in Civil 3D. On top of all the other wonderful features, to be able to quickly export individual objects to 2D DWGs is a breeze! Project Explorer is going to save me some serious man-hours.

Amir Habibi, Civil Engineer, ATCS PLC

How can you learn more about Project Explorer?

Visit the Civil 3D product center to learn more about the latest in Civil 3D 2021.1. You can also check out this blog post to get the rundown on this latest release as well as the latest release of InfraWorks.

Project Explorer is available exclusively with Civil 3D in the AEC Collection and to customers with an Enterprise Business Agreement. Want to get even more out of Civil 3D, discover what the AEC Collection can do for your infrastructure workflows.

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