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Industry Talk / Las Vegas 2019
The Future of CPUs for AEC workloads
The AEC industries hardware needs are changing, and this session aims to share some quick insights on what you need to look for to create tomorrows office of the future. Your Design and CAD workflows have always depended on a powerful CPU, but tomorrows challenges of larger projects and rapid deadlines have meant you are now more reliant than ever on great hardware. To meet these challenges AMD is ensuring you have the CPU designed for the software you love. In this session, AMD shares it’s vision for the future, but also offers tips and tricks on changes you can make today to rapidly speed up your existing workflow. The challenges of tomorrows AEC and rendering needs resulted in AMD delivering some of the world’s fastest CPUs. This year’s arrival of 2nd Generation AMD Epyc “Rome” and 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen Threadripper has brought an unprecedented new level of cost-effective, high performance CPU compute power to the data center and your desktop. The capability of these platforms is challenging the notion that GPU compute is necessary to effectively reach new levels of interactivity and productivity. In this session, learn how this dramatic increase in CPU power accelerates high quality rendering, simulation and other applications; how high core count CPUs offer the ultimate in multi-tasking capability; and how future applications can use both CPU and GPU together to offer even greater performance gains. This session is aimed at all levels of knowledge, and no pre-requisites on hardware experience is needed to get the most from this in depth class.
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