How Diversity and Belonging Fuel Innovation | Andrea Robb

How Diversity and Belonging Fuel Innovation

Andrea Robb shares insights on how we can encourage continued learning and greater innovation by cultivating a culture of belonging on diverse teams


It’s well established that diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams in business. But once you have that diverse team, how do you support their continued growth and innovation? In the end, it’s by cultivating a sense of belonging for those on your team, according to Andrea Robb. When we feel like we belong, we’re more willing to take risks, learn new skills, and ultimately do our best work. And building a culture of belonging is something that we all need to take responsibility for, not just managers or those in HR.

About the speaker

Andrea Robb was VP for people, culture, and diversity at Autodesk and is currently a principal at Andrea Robb Consulting. With a background in psychology, neuroscience, and education, she has worked in nearly every aspect of human relations over the past 25 years, from recruiting and operations to analytics, learning, and organizational development.

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