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Designing the Vehicles of the Future | Ali Shabbir

Designing the Vehicles of the Future

Ali Shabbir of General Motors is imagining cars that never crash, never get stuck in traffic, and produce zero emissions. How to get there? Generative design.


Cars that never crash, never get stuck in traffic, and produce zero emissions? It sounds like science fiction, but it’s what General Motor’s zero-zero-zero goal is all about. To achieve it, GM needs to create cars that are lighter, smarter, and more connected, and that in turn requires embracing the latest technologies for design, including generative design and additive manufacturing. Ali Shabbir of GM explains how they’ve partnered with Autodesk to get it done and showcases the first product of the partnership: a seat belt bracket that combines 8 different components into one—and is 40% lighter and 20% stronger than the original assembly.

About the speaker

Ali Shabbir is a product application engineer and global innovation lead in additive design and manufacturing for General Motors. He leads a project portfolio focused on the industrialization of additive manufacturing applications on GM products, to enable the vehicles of the future. He holds a master’s degree from MIT.

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