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A new breed of prosumer creation tools for the digital economy

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    <p>We will define a new persona in the digital economy: the prosumer creator. They are not the savvy technical tool users who use our M&amp;E tools today. Nor are they straight consumers, not settling for likes or views alone. They are experts, entertainers, and leaders, their purpose is to create valuable content, and they are not willing to compromise. Autodesk Research is setting out to engage with this net new group of users, and by doing so, to reach the storytellers in other industries. Many technology and business trends, including data-centric algorithms, interactivity, realtime experiences and web3 create the conditions for disruption. A close look at the ecosystem today and the plausible scenarios of tomorrow will inform paths to success, and how any individual can participate more actively. We present a vision how creator&rsquo;s will build imaginative worlds, remix any media and direct behavior, and what Autodesk Research&rsquo;s role is in realizing these capabilities..</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Anticipate the change of creation tools coming to creators in the digital economy
    • Leverage synergies between the industries Autodesk serves
    • Establish their company’s opportunity in the convergence of industries
    • Prioritize investment in digitalization to compete through brand positioning with influencers