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new approach to teaching engineering drawing to engineering students

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    Current the method of teaching engineering drawing consists of teaching the fundamentals such as orthographic projection of views and asking thee students to visualize what the object will look like in 3 D. this makes it very challenging and often times difficult for the students to comprehend the principles. A new method is developed by a group of faculty members at an engineering college in India under the mentorship of the speaker and Dr. Rio D'Souza, the Principal of the engineering college. The method was then validated with faculty in other engineering colleges and the students. All of them have found the new approach to be far superior in achieving the outcomes of better educated students and more motivated faculty..

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about a completely different and improved method of teaching and learning of engineering drawing concepts
    • Interactive eLearning course that can be used by the teaching faculty and for self paced hands on learning by students
    • Learn how to use Fusion 360 software in a creative way
    • Students to better absorb and retain the concepts of engineering drawing that they can better apply on the job