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Drawing Views with AutoCAD 2014: 2D Drawings from AutoCAD 3D Models

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    This intermediate-to-advanced hands-on lab offers AutoCAD 3D veterans and 2D users a chance to explore 2D model documentation of 3D models from AutoCAD 2014 and Inventor® 2014 software. Create base views and projected views from 3D solid or surface models. Use the new Viewbase command to generate a base 2D view and the Viewproj command to create projected orthographic views. Learn to edit the 3D models and update the derived drawing views, and add dimensions to the drawing views and modify the 3D model to update the dimensions. Are commands such as Flatshot, Solview, Soldraw, and Solproj superseded? Find out! In this class, we also explore the Exportlayout command for exporting a layout containing drawing views to model space. If you have used AutoCAD 3D in the past or are new to 3D but have a good 2D background, attend this lab and get ready to be surprised!

    Key Learnings

    • Use AutoCAD 2014 3D models to create multi-view projections
    • Add dimensions to drawing views in AutoCAD 2014
    • Edit AutoCAD 2014 3D models and the associative drawing views
    • Export drawing views to create model space objects