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Lecture    SD5217
Developing Associative Functionality in AutoCAD
Autodesk University
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AutoCAD software's associative framework is a general-purpose programming framework. It enables easy development of AutoCAD software applications that represent associative relations. Drawings and models created by such applications are intelligent, and they maintain relations between entities and automatically update when entities or parameters change. This class will explain fundamental concepts of the framework and show how it has been used to build several AutoCAD software features, such as 2D Constraints, Associative Array, Model Documentation, and Surface Modeling. The class will then provide a step-by-step programming example of how to implement new associative functionality in AutoCAD software. After completing the class you will be capable of taking advantage of the framework when developing your own AutoCAD software applications.

Key Learnings

  • Understand concepts of AutoCAD software's associative framework
  • Learn how to build AutoCAD software applications using AutoCAD software's associative framework
  • Learn how to represent associative relations in a uniform and consistent manner
  • Learn how to develop new AutoCAD software applications more easily and more consistently


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