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iLogic and Vault—Vault and iLogic

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    iLogic is by far the most used application within Inventor software. Vault software is the most used product data management (PDM) system for Inventor. This class elaborates on how both can collaborate by connecting to each other. Attending this class, you will discover the answer to these four questions: What can you achieve for iLogic rule execution if your rule connects to Vault? How can you achieve the iLogic-Vault connection without knowing the Vault API? What can you achieve for Vault Job Processor if your Job connects to iLogic? How can you capitalize on iLogic rules while running custom jobs?

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the benefits of managing iLogic rules and settings in Vault.
    • Learn how to create iLogic rules that query Vault, retrieve files, or automate new file generation using familiar iLogic rule syntax.
    • Learn how to solve automation tasks by running iLogic rules as custom Jobs in Vault Job Processor.
    • Discover the differences of writing iLogic rules for Inventor and Vault Job Processor.