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eBOM to mBOM: BOM Transformation Across PDM, PLM, ERP, and MES

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    The bill of materials (BOM) is at the heart of any manufacturing company, but each department (design, purchasing, production) and each system (PDM, ERP, MES, PLM) has its own view, understanding, and expectation of what the BOM should look like. Data is usually transferred manually from one system to another, which is time consuming and error prone. This session will explain where the BOM is created, how it moves between teams, how and why it is transformed, and what tool should do what to support this transition. We'll use practical examples to show how a BOM starts in Inventor and Vault software and moves between the above systems, and how these systems can be integrated with each other.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the differences between eBOM and mBOM.
    • Learn what you can expect from which system (PDM, ERP, PLM, MES).
    • Learn how to connect the systems to each other for a smooth BOM transfer.
    • Learn how to properly use the Inventor/Vault features for creating a correct BOM.