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The advantages of Generative Modeling & Design over standard optimization

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    Find out advantages of new Autodesk's generative techniques have over well-known optimization methods. This will be explained using 2 next-generation technologies: Generative Modeling and Generative Design. The session will give you a solid understanding in differences and how to apply the two techniques. You will learn how to verify results in simulation environment of Fusion 360 and Inventor Nastran, how to interpret safety factor and vonMises stress values. Safely removing a significant amount of material without fear of structural failure is not easy, but you will see how to do it easily and safely. You will learn how to using Fusion 360 to increase product development agility and optimize the design to manufacturing process. Generative Design capabilities are in Fusion 360 and Inventor. It is possible to verify one design in different Autodesk softwares thanks to cloud collaboration. You will have opportunity to get your questions directly to the people creating new features.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the difference between Generative Modeling & Generative Design
    • How are you connecting workflows between Inventor and Fusion 360 and what benefits have you seen
    • Find out how to quickly generate lower-cost design alternatives
    • Explore capability to produce complex shapes that were previously impossible