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The World is Nonlinear! Seeing and capturing nonlinear in real-world problems

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    Real-world problems are rarely linear or static. Nonlinearities often impact the prediction of a product's behavior in unpredictable ways. These add uncertainty and risk to decisions made from either virtual or physical test results for engineers and designers who don't understand them. We will summarize simply and clearly the process of identifying and planning for the 3 key types of nonlinearity in product performance so that all attendees will be able to spot them, again in both physical as well as virtual testing. We will teach you how to account for nonlinearities in testing, but the remaining focus will be on nonlinear simulation covering processes, terms, and troubleshooting. While we will use Simulation Solutions for illustration, the concepts covered will be valid for any simulation software attendees.

    Key Learnings

    • Spot the 3 key types of nonlinearities in product performance
    • Discover how nonlinearities can impact physical test results
    • Discover the terms and processes for including nonlinearities in simulation
    • Discover nonlinear analysis so that these concepts can be employed in upfront design decision-making