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Workflow Optimization: AutoCAD® Utility Design and Enterprise Resource Planning Integration at Southern California Edison

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    At Southern California Edison (SCE), we have standardized and obtained efficiencies in our design and engineering processes by using AutoCAD Utility Design software as our transmission and distribution graphical design tool. This class will present the approach used to unify our design process using AutoCAD Utility Design, beginning with external work management through the workflow and ending with the validation of the design and bills of materials that are being sent to an external work management system. Along the way, we will discuss accessing external mapping/GIS and SAP® asset information within AutoCAD Utility Design and as well as the tool's ability to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements throughout the design process. With an emphasis on realizing the benefits of an IPSEC-based (Initiate, Plan, Schedule, Execute, Close) work order lifecycle, we will also discuss SCE’s solution to transmission and distribution design interactivity through our estimating and material ordering phases and our approach to eliminating the need for manual entry directly into our SAP enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).

    Key Learnings

    • Describe SCE’s solutions to many workflow challenges faced in the design processes
    • List key lessons learned from SCE’s AutoCAD Utility Design and ERP implementation
    • Explain how AutoCAD Utility Design can fit into an integrated suite of work management tools
    • Effectively integrate AutoCAD Utility Design with external tools and ERP/SAP to optimize workflow