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Workflow of Design Suite in a Global Environment: Design to Manufacturing
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This class will show you how we have developed new processes in our company through the use of Inventor software and Vault software. We will explain how Vault software features such as lifecycles and categories are being used to control design to manufacturing workflow and operations. We will then cover the integration of the software in a globalized environment, the implementation of site-specific processes, and the system monitoring required to avoid complication with several errors we have encountered. The final point will show how, thanks to use of custom API, we provide design information to our manufacturing department. This includes how we initially planned to use Vault vanilla or thin client, and how we had to develop customized tools aimed for the manufacturing department to access design documents.

Key Learnings

  • Better understand features within Inventor and Vault and how these can be used in a manufacturing environment
  • Discover how to structure a replicated environment and learn about things to be aware of
  • Discover how using API can enhance the capabilities of Inventor and Vault, which can be created to suit a company’s needs
  • Learn how to use Design Review within manufacturing for product assembly


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