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Wireless Electronics for Non-Electrical Engineers: Hands-On Workshop

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    Looking for an easy way to add wireless communications to a project? Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee? Wireless electronics is considered by many to be a dark art, even electrical engineers! However, today’s modular hardware and simplified software resources has made it possible for even nonelectrical engineers to successfully add wireless communications to their designs. This course is for mechanical engineers, industrial designers, architects, and software engineers looking to control objects wirelessly or gather data from devices or systems remotely. Spend time with us learning to add Wi-Fi to your next project! Using Eagle, we will build a small sensor-based system that posts data to the cloud and responds to commands from your browser. Some familiarity with embedded software platforms, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or similar will be helpful but is not required. Familiarity with breadboarding concepts will also be helpful.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the fundamentals of wireless electronics systems and their properties
    • Learn how to add real-world wireless to an electronic project
    • Learn the fundamentals of Wi-Fi connectivity and consumer wireless
    • Learn how to build an embedded application for wireless