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What a State We’re In: Inventor Model State Tips and Tricks

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    Model States are now over a year old since coming out in Inventor 2022 and I’ve worked with many clients, exploring functionality, answering questions and teaching classes on Model States. All these interactions have given me the opportunity to note some techniques that help Model States work more efficiently and effectively. In this class I’ll share these tips that can streamline the creation and maintenance of Model States, as well as an introduction on how utilize iLogic with Model States. We’ll cover things as straightforward as naming Model States, all the way to animating model states to show the process of forming a part. No matter your familiarity with this new functionality, there should be a little something for everyone.

    Key Learnings

    • Why naming Model States is important and be cautious of relying on the Master State
    • Create a setup row to make working in Excel MUCH easier.
    • Utilizing Excel to rearrange Model State rows and columns.
    • Build simple iLogic rules to animate and “test out” part forming