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What the Heck Is Forge?

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    You’ve heard the buzz about this exciting new Autodesk platform called Forge. But what exactly is Forge? Forge is a platform of web service APIs that allow you to integrate Autodesk SaaS products (such as Fusion Team, BIM 360 Docs, etc.) into your workflows and/or to embed some of the components used in those Autodesk products into your own web or mobile applications. In this presentation I will explain in more detail what Forge is (and what it isn’t) - and show you examples of how to use Forge to enhance your on workflows and applications. This class is suitable for software developers, CAD & IT managers and decision makers.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how RESTful API's can be used
    • Learn what services are available as part of the Forge Platform
    • Learn how to get started with Forge
    • Learn where you can learn more about and get help with Forge