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We're Live, What's Next? Strategies for Fusion Lifecycle Support and Improvement.

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    The Fusion Lifecycle implementation has been finalized and your users are navigating the system—so what's next? How do you handle managing the ongoing support requirements and demands from your users for new features or issues? Whether this is a new or mature tenant, ignoring and remaining complacent in acknowledging and managing those requests for support may lead to adoption challenges and grievances with the system. In this class, we will cover the creation and administration of such a process, and share lessons learned from case studies on how this process is working for customer tenants today.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to design an effective support process.
    • Learn how to employ lessons learned to drive better support and user relations.
    • Learn how to create a plan for continual improvement based on user feedback and immediate enterprise needs.
    • Learn why proper product support is a key to its overall success.