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Weaving Technology Strategy into Business Planning

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    SSOE Group leadership panel is open to share their experiences regarding SSOE's technology journey. They will discuss how we employed a flexible formula to balance technology pace with our annual planning needs. We'll reflect on our current state, continuous improvement ideas, business drivers, and embracing new technologies. The panel will talk about the pace of change, the tools and partnerships, and how these bring both opportunities and obstacles to projects and staff. SSOE's strategy for growth, emerging market presence, and efficiency demanded investments in enterprise platforms and people, enabling us to become a more digitally mature organization. We supported the early adoption of Autodesk Construction Cloud that unlocked vast amounts of automation potential and data collection. In less than three years, we autonomously created 3,000 projects just in time for teams to begin working. Our data goals continue to grow as we explore partnerships to build better ways to transform data to users.

    Key Learnings

    • Compare challenges/opportunities with technology adoptions and validate ideas to implement.
    • Identify the value of integrating the Technology Roadmap with a Business Planning Process.
    • Explore leadership and project tactics for technology adoption and change management.
    • Understand specific examples of Operations and Technology collaborative projects.