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Weaponize Your Autodesk Software Deployments

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    Wouldn't it be great if we could go to a workstation, pull a proverbial trigger to uninstall everything we don't need anymore, and then pull another trigger to install everything we need now? We can't do that unless we find a way to 'weaponize' our software deployments. This class will share a company's experiences managing Autodesk, Inc., products and keeping its computers and users from 'blowing up.' Without using any special install tools (like Group Policy, for example), you will explore the techniques this company uses to reduce the steps and amount of time needed to install the applications as suites or individual products. In addition, this class will cover a way to reduce the time and effort needed to uninstall previous releases with little effort, including the extras. There are many techniques in use today and this class intends to add more weapons to the arsenal.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about planning and discover effective practices for suite and individual deployments
    • Learn how to use the deployment wizard to meet your company's needs
    • Prepare simple batch scripts to deploy your "weapons"
    • Discover method(s) for uninstalling previous releases and/or unused software, and learn how to 'weaponize' them