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Water Digital Twins: Engineering and Operations Solving Problems Together

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    Every water distribution, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer system throughout the world is unique, but many of them are running into the same problems. Water quality, public safety, and fiscal responsibility are at the forefront of every utility manager's mind. Traditionally, models have been updated and calibrated during master planning projects that might happen every 3–10 years depending on the utility. Sadly, during these long stretches between calibration, the model results start to deviate from reality, and trust in the model falls significantly in the eyes of the organization. If this sounds like your utility, we want to talk with you about the difference a live model can make in your workflows. By sharing examples of customer live-modeling use cases all over the world, we hope to inspire utilities and their consultants to recognize changes they can make today to get closer to a realistic digital twin of their water system.

    Key Learnings

    • Investigate how live modeling can help improve water quality, public safety, and fiscal responsibility.
    • Discover where your water utility could be improved with a digital twin.
    • Discover the process of digital transformation within a water utility.
    • Compare and contrast live modeling with traditional models.