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VRED and Adobe Substance Material

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    Substance support in VRED software lets you use Substance Source—and especially the Substance Source automotive selection within VRED—saving a tremendous amount of time and using very high-quality texturing (up to 8K). And the Substance Source automotive selection consists of more than 700 materials dedicated to automotive design, including car paints, wood, carbon fiber, and more. Bringing a full car model’s exterior and interior to life and making it look great in no time has never been easier. This class will give an overview of Adobe’s Substance Source library, which was created with industrial designers and color and trim designers in mind.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the Substance Source automotive selection
    • Learn how to edit the Substance material parameters
    • Learn how to use Substance source materials within VRED
    • Discover best practice and techniques