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VRED Essentials for Transportation Design Visualization

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    This class will teach you the basics of Autodesk VRED real-time visualization software, and afterward you should be able to import and stage any vehicle. Dawn McArdle will demonstrate first-hand the simple workflows and tips and tricks gained from hours of her experience. You will learn this program quickly and should be able to immediately implement it with confidence. Using provided 3D vehicle files and 2D texture files, you will learn how to navigate, import, and prepare the vehicle model, assign materials, and set up lighting/shadows. Students will set up moving parts on the vehicle, and animate the camera. Some camera effects, such as depth of field and motion blur will be demonstrated. Finally, we will pull it all together by setting up variants (key-prompted commands to show variations during presentations) and output rendered images, with an understanding of the many options available for openGL and raytracing.

    Key Learnings

    • Provide audience overview of VRED essential tools
    • Show audience how to 'color-up' a car exterior quickly
    • Discover how to "color up and texture" a car interior quickly
    • Pull it all together to make a great VRED presentation