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Using Vault Professional and BIM 360 Docs—Publishing Drawings to the Outside World

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    Vault software is the best tool for managing your CAD data, particularly for those involved in the design and engineering process. Once a design is completed, people outside the design team—clients, fabricators, manufacturers, and installers—will need to see your drawings. This class will show you how to use BIM 360 Docs software as your published documents portal, and how to get your approved drawings from Vault Professional software to BIM 360 Docs—where external consumers can access it through the BIM 360 Docs web portal or a mobile device. We’ll walk through configuring Vault Project Sync to publish files to BIM 360 Docs, as well as configuring BIM 360 Docs to ensure that only the right people get access to the files. We’ll also discuss the markup capabilities in BIM 360 Docs, and how to get the design team to see those markups.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the publishing workflows that are enabled by using Vault with BIM 360 Docs
    • Learn how to configure Vault Professional to publish drawings and models to BIM 360 Docs
    • Learn how to configure BIM 360 Docs folder security levels
    • Learn how to mark up drawings in BIM 360 Docs and how to communicate those markups back to the designers