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Using Vault for Change Management in a Rapidly Growing Sustainable Startup

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    Approximately 200 billion cubic meters of gas are flared or vented globally each year, of which the United States is a significant contributor. Obantarla’s mission is to mitigate methane and CO2 emissions by replacing flares with systems that produce economically viable, low-carbon chemical products. At scale, Obantarla’s chemical processing technology will significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy consumption from the domestic, upstream oil and gas sector. Obantarla is a rapidly growing small group of engineers from diverse backgrounds which also draws on industry partners to help design and specify parts of its chemical reactor. Obantarla has greatly benefitted from using Vault to manage CAD files and drawings, as well as requirement documents, during its startup phase and subsequent expansion. Furthermore, the generative design tools available in Fusion 360 has allowed for rapid design iterations of complex custom parts for additive manufacturing.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how eliminating natural gas flares will significantly reduce GHG emissions and help mitigate climate change.
    • Discover how Obantarla’s chemical processing technologies will convert natural gas that would be flared into useful products.
    • Learn how to implement a document repository in Vault shared across multiple organizations to enhance collaboration.
    • Learn how to link generative designs in Fusion 360 to CFD tools for performance evaluation.