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Using Fusion 360 and metal AM to optimize automotive mold cooling solutions

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    This industrial case study will cover a recent design and make collaboration between Autodesk and Impression Technologies, an industry leading Automotive hot forming solutions provider. Together we will present a comparison of several mold designs across a range of design approaches and manufacturing technologies. We will demonstrate how optimizing design for additive manufacturing can be leveraged to achieve; more efficient production times and material usage, improved part quality, and reduced part cost and energy consumption. During the project experts from Autodesk and ITL collaborated via Autodesk CFD and the Fusion 360 platform. We utilized simulation and several design methodologies, including conformal cooling and the application of lattice structures via Fusion 360’s Product Design extension. The project culminated in the tooling production using Autodesk’s Birmingham Technology Centre metal Additive Manufacturing systems, and testing and validation at ITL’s research facility.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the benefits of leveraging additive manufacturing for the design and make process of more sustainable mold tools
    • Compare the design approaches required for several manufacturing technologies, and the advantages of each
    • Assess the tradeoffs of various additive manufacturing techniques when applied to the components you design and make today
    • Apply the full design to make process, utilizing advanced design methods, simulation, and metal additive technologies