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Using Forge to Build Connected and Customized Workflows in BIM 360

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    Forge enables companies to connect data and processes, build custom integrations, and streamline workflows to extend Autodesk product capabilities. Enterprise customers can elevate the ROI of BIM 360 software to the next level by maximizing Forge web services that come with BIM 360 subscriptions. In this session, AECOM will share innovations and stories about how the firm uses Forge to connect BIM 360 with company-specific project administration workflows in a large enterprise environment, and optimize the design collaboration, review, and submittal processes for project teams. You will get a better understanding of what’s available in and applicable from Forge to BIM 360, and gain inspiration for driving business value with models and data.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about what Forge can provide to BIM 360 enterprise customers
    • Discover AECOM’s vision on technology innovations
    • Learn how AECOM is using Autodesk cloud products and Forge to build innovative solutions to solve industry challenges
    • Gain insights on the business values of Forge and ideas of use cases