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Unlocking the Power of the Shape Generator & Modelling with Meshes

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    In this class we will follow new design workflows made possible by the introduction of Inventor’s shape generator, mesh tools and modern 3D printing technologies. The class will start by looking at the physical properties of current 3D printed plastics and metals. Then, with the material specifications, required for proper design simulation, we will configure the shape generator to automatically create an optimized shape based on sample design requirements. Using the resulting mesh, the class will examine the ins and outs of two separate workflow paths; using the generated mesh directly for manufacture & placement in an assembly, or modifying the part using Inventor’s mesh and surface tools to tweak the design. Join this session for a close up look at the possibilities in generative design by combining Inventor’s shape generator and mesh handling with modern 3D printing capabilities. This session features Inventor Professional. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Find and set physical material properties for 3D printable materials in the shape generator
    • Create complete part designs automatically using the Shape Generator
    • Use generated meshes directly in an assembly and for 3D printing
    • Edit a solid model using the resulting mesh geometry in Inventor