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Transform AutoCAD Drawing to Intelligent Design Objects Using Mechanical Toolsets

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    In this class, we’ll introduce you to simple and powerful features in mechanical toolsets that help you transform your AutoCAD drawing into smart-drawing entities that can help increase productivity and efficiency. We’ll do a simple walk-through of converting your AutoCAD tables to a smart BOM database. You’ll learn an automatic dimensioning feature under power tools to make your drawing annotation simpler and faster. Later, we’ll add intelligent balloons to the drawing views that you’ve created in AutoCAD using model documentation. Finally, we’ll utilize the drawing design standards in AutoCAD Mechanical software to make your drawing views and annotations adhere to your company standards and create effectiveness to save costs and time with your drawing maintenance.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to convert an AutoCAD table to an intelligent BOM
    • Learn how to utilize Auto Dimension in Power tools to annotate drawing views
    • Learn how to use the ballooning feature to create smart annotations
    • Learn how to simplify AutoCAD objects to adhere to drawing design standards