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Top 7 OSL Shaders for 3ds Max 2023

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    Both mechanical and architectural design rely on visualization technologies to showcase designers’ ideas. Increasingly, that relies on generating highly realistic materials and lighting. This class will look at my pick of the top 7 OSL shaders that can be applied to your scenes in 3ds Max 2023 to render photorealistic images and animations. Learn where to find and download OSL shaders that can be used in a visualization and how to customize your own OSL shaders. Use multiple shaders to create a unique material for your models. Get ahead of the competition by learning to create visually compelling, photorealistic renderings using these top 7 OSL shaders in a streamlined workflow.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify 3ds Max OSL shaders and third-party resources.
    • Apply OSL Shaders at the scene and materials level in 3ds Max 2023.
    • Customize OSL shaders to suite your needs.
    • Configure the Arnold renderer to produce high-quality renderings.