The Top 10 Free AutoCAD® Apps from the AutoCAD Exchange
Lecture    AC1484
Jim Quanci, Stephen Preston
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In this class, you will get a look at the ten most popular products available from the new AutoCAD Exchange—AutoCAD software plug-ins and content that you can immediately download and start using yourself. The most popular free products available from AutoCAD Exchange are all AutoCAD productivity enhancers that can help you and your team get the job done faster, eliminate boring repetitive tasks, wow the boss, and get you home earlier on a Friday afternoon.

Key Learnings

  • Find new free and fee AutoCAD productivity-enhancing plug-ins and content on the AutoCAD Exchange
  • Save several hours per week by using several productivity-enhancing AutoCAD plug-ins
  • Explain the opportunity to sell your own plug-ins in the AutoCAD Exchange
  • Immediately download and install 10 great free productivity-enhancing plug-ins


 Jim Quanci
Jim Quanci
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 Stephen Preston
Stephen Preston
Stephen has been a member of the Autodesk Developer Technical Services team since 2000, first as a support engineer and then as manager of the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and Americas teams. In those roles, his responsibilities included support for the AutoCAD APIs, including ObjectARX and AutoCAD .NET, as well as AutoCAD OEM and RealDWG technologies. Currently, he is Global Manager for the Worldwide Developer Technical Services team. Stephen started his career as a scientist, and has a D.Phil. in Atomic and Laser Physics from the University of Oxford.

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