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A Tale of 2 Utilities: A Case Study of MultiSpeak® Integrations for Utilities

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    In this class, we feature 2 utilities who have taken advantage of the MultiSpeak integration that is available for AutoCAD® Map 3D software and other Autodesk software and who have created workflows and processes that streamline their systems for efficiency. Welland Hydro Electric System upgraded their GIS to AutoCAD Map 3D, and after implementing Autodesk® Infrastructure Map Server software, integrated their outage management system to produce a graphical depiction of outages. The City of College Station and College Station Utilities updated their legacy CAD-based system to a database-centric system and have integrated their industry model with Milsoft™, enabling greater efficiency in maintaining their GIS. These case studies demonstrate how low-cost integrations can be achieved with existing systems using Autodesk software and MultiSpeak®. We cover the process these utilities went through, their issues and solutions, and their goals for the future.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain how Welland Hydro integrated their outage management system with Autodesk® Infrastructure Map Server and AutoCAD Map 3D
    • Describe how College Station integrated their systems with with Milsoft using MultiSpeak
    • Identify the possibilities of integrating various systems using MultiSpeak
    • Make better use of your Autodesk software and suites with other existing systems