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T-Splines Three Ways

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    T-splines—scary and mysterious: What are they for? How do we use them? T-splines are a super-powerful, organic modeling tool in Fusion 360 software that are useful for any complex surfacing and organic body forms; they’re a critical stage in the post processing of generatively designed parts. In this class, we will cover three different applications and uses for T-splines: Basic modeling with T-splines—understanding how they work; solids and T-splines together—how to integrate organic modeling into a solid model; and post processing and advanced techniques—how to use more-complex T-splines tools for cleaning generatively designed parts.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the basics of T-splines
    • Learn how to use T-splines in a standard workflow
    • Learn how to analyze surface data for T-splines
    • Learn how to post process generatively designed parts