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Supplementing Your Designs with Inventor CAM and Inventor Nesting

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    From cataloging tooling to final post processing, this class will walk through the world of Inventor CAM software. We’ll review several real-world examples to see the different machining operations and their options. For anyone from hobbyist to professional, Inventor CAM really is the one-size-fits-all software for your machining needs. We’ll then turn to Inventor Nesting and look at how Inventor quickly creates nested sheets from assemblies, as well as from other 2D profiles. Examples will include sheet metal and woodworking projects. In both workflows, we’ll modify the source files to show that the machining paths and nestings automatically update.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to integrate Inventor CAM and Inventor Nesting into existing workflows
    • Learn how to create G-code from existing Inventor models
    • Learn how to create nesting from existing Inventor assemblies
    • Compare Autodesk's products for CAM and nesting with existing third-party software