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Simulating with Nonlinear Materials Like Hyperelastic and Isotropic Polymer Material
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This class will demonstrate how to use the Inventor Nastran 2020 software as a tool for analyzing different polymeric materials models. We’ll demonstrate how you can get results with high confidence using in-house material data. We’ll demonstrate the great advantage of having Inventor Nastran 2020 at hand during Inventor design work. Focusing on daily applications using rubber O-rings (and other applications using plastic components with large deformations), we’ll show which nonlinear material model can be used to demonstrate deformations and stresses in the components. The presentation will also show how to transform your own mechanical material testing into useful nonlinear material model input. This presentation will show cases from the hydraulic, offshore, and mechanical design industries. We will cover Inventor Professional software and Inventor Nastran 2020. David E. Weinberg will be co-speaker in this class.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the difference between the nonlinear material models in Inventor Nastran 2020
  • Learn how to incorporate the material test data to be use in the Inventor Nastran nonlinear material models
  • Learn about the accuracy of the Inventor Nastran nonlinear material model simulations
  • Learn how to set up the different nonlinear solution processor parameters to simulate with true stress and large displacement




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