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Simulate Anything: Fusion 360 and Ansys Interoperability

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    In order to streamline design-to-manufacturing workflows, there is a dire need to simulate anything. The Fusion 360 and Ansys relationship is getting stronger and deeper, which means more power to the users. With Fusion Simulation software, you can do a variety of analyses like linear and e-cooling. With Ansys Simulation you can simulate virtually any analysis type. Generative design outcomes can be validated with advanced analyses such as transient, nonlinear, fatigue, and random vibration, to name a few, in Ansys. This technology will enable users to do design in Fusion 360 and simulation in Ansys. Fusion Simulation setups can be packaged into neutral files and pushed to Ansys Mechanical and Discovery on the same or a different computer enabling designer-designer and designer-analyst workflows.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to send Fusion Simulation setups to Ansys Mechanical.
    • Learn to send Fusion Simulation setups to discovery.
    • Learn to send Fusion Simulation setups to SDZ.
    • Learn how to send assemblies from Fusion 360 to Ansys.