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Sharing the Fabrication Database via the Cloud
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Have you ever had to leave the office and you realized as you were walking out the door that you’d forgotten to copy your Fabrication database to your local machine? Or have you ever had to work off site and then had multiple copies of your Fabrication database and you weren’t sure how to manage them? Even if this is not the case and you’re just looking for a simple way to manage your Fabrication database, this class is for you. I will demonstrate how you can work anywhere, anytime, and not have to worry about copying and managing multiple databases. This session features Fabrication CADmep and Fabrication CAMduct.

Key Learnings

  • Review user options for managing and transferring the database to multiple users and locations
  • Learn how to set up configuration and database structure on your local drive to work via the cloud
  • Learn how to set up folder permissions to control user read and write permissions
  • Learn how Profiles can assist you with this type of setup and learn about using Profiles per project



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