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Seamlessly Integrating Data into Everyday Construction Workflows

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    In construction, project success depends on identifying trends and finding ways to capitalize on those trends to improve workflows. Thanks to the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform's robust Data Connector, this data does now exist—and if it's managed well, it can boost safety, quality, and productivity on current and future projects. Issue arises in identifying these trends and analyzing them in an effective manner. Barriers to entry involve not knowing how to access the data, lack of understanding on how to analyze data if it is available, not continuously following up on the data to understand when changes need to be made, and not creating useful visuals to explain data to internal and external partners. This industry talk will specifically focus on how Autodesk Construction Cloud data can be maximized effectively both on a project level and an executive level. We'll dive into what data and trends typically will show indicators of pending procurement issues, safety issues, quality issues, and design issues, and then we'll explore how to effectively share this info.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover best practices for making data part of everyday workflows.
    • Learn about maximizing data from an executive or admin level.
    • Discover important data trends for project teams to track.
    • Learn about empowering teams to analyze data and understand trends.