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Road to the digital shop floor. Stream-lined decision with VRED Core.

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    Digitization of creative design workflows has unleashed creators’ capabilities and allowed them to experience the designed product earlier. It has some downsides though. Back in the days, one could go down to the shop floor and walk around clay models having an instant update on the project progress and design evolution. Today, finding the right visualization file aggregating the latest modeling data may be challenging, unless you know who is working on the visualization data and get over his shoulder to have a quick look on the latest evolution. What if the shop floor was digital too? What if anyone could go to a web site and walk through the latest design updates. Find out how you can serve visualization streams using a cluster of VRED Core instances managed through a simple web server.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how to take advantage of VRED Core streaming capabilities.
    • Evaluate the business ROI of a streaming collaboration platform.
    • Implement on-demand visualization as a service.
    • Visualize design data in a device-agnostic environment.