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Rhino vs. Forma? No, Rhino + Forma!

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    Rhino is widely used by architects for early-stage massing and visualization, but environmental analysis remains a complex challenge for many users. That's where Forma comes in, providing detailed environmental analyses without requiring extensive technical expertise. In a live demonstration of the new Rhino-Forma plugin, we'll show you how to easily move geometry between the two programs, share best practices for structuring data, how to incorporate Grasshopper, and other tips and tricks. Learn how early environmental feedback can free up more time for creativity and reduce the C02 emissions of your design by up to 34%, and see how you can scale those benefits across your projects and organization.

    Key Learnings

    • Export model information both to and from Rhino and Forma, as well as more detailed workflows.
    • Implement best practices for interoperability between Rhino and Forma.
    • Leverage Rhino skills already existing in your team to easily access Forma feature and benefits.
    • Scale Rhino and Forma workflows across your teams and organization.