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Revit Customization for Mere Mortals: Save Time (and Your Sanity) with Revit Macros

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    We've all been there: it's an hour until your deadline and the project manager wants to make one little change. The problem is, this change will take hours of tedious work...hours you simply don't have. However, through the power of Revit macros and some basic programming, you learn how a little automation can save you a ton of time on your next project and make you the hero you always knew you were.

    Key Learnings

    • Install the Revit Software Development Kit
    • Explain the differences between Revit macros, add-ins, and external applications
    • Create custom macros in Revit using the Revit macro editor and VB.NET
    • Use resources to get more information about .NET and the Revit API