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Revit 2015 IFC Technical Overview

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    The Revit 2015 software release introduced the ability to link Industry Foundation Class (IFC) files to the Revit software IFC .NET open source code. This ability enables the Revit software API users who are familiar with IFC to make their own customized versions of not only the exporter and associated user interface, but also the importer. This class will start with a technical overview of the IFC format, including the concepts of schemas and Model View Definitions (MVDs) and how they are used in Revit software. We will then cover the major design concepts for the .NET code, particularly the linker, with the intention of understanding how to make simple modifications to the open source. This class is intended for users who have a decent knowledge of IFC but want to know more about the inner workings of the format and how Revit software implements IFC. The class will look at, but not emphasize, Revit 2015 software IFC open source .NET code and the associated Revit software API.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand what IFC is at a technical level and explore the general structure of the format
    • Understand what's included in Revit 2015 software for IFC support
    • Discover the overall design of the Revit software IFC open source code, especially the 2015 link additions
    • Learn how to make simple changes to the code, such as importing a grid